Whispers of Eternity | 18K Yellow Gold | Diamond Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 2,800.00
""Whispers of Eternity" Introducing the Radiant Aura Hoop Earring, a tribute to the warm embrace of sunlight and the gentle sway of nature. Crafted from 18K yellow gold, this earring captures the essence of timeless beauty with a touch of contemporary charm. With a weight of 2.028 grams, its hoop design embodies the fluidity of life's precious moments. Two resplendent diamonds, totaling 0.23 carats, dangle like drops of sunshine, casting a shimmering glow with every movement. Adorn yourself with this earring and carry the luminous energy of the sun's embrace wherever you go."
Whispers of Eternity Diamond Earring Details:
  • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Hoop Earring.
  • 2.028grams Gold Weight 
  • 0.23 Carats Diamonds

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