Sky's Symphony | 18K White Gold | Saphire & Diamond Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 19,200.00

"Sky's Symphony" Earring – Inspired by the electrifying power and mesmerizing beauty of a thunderstrike, this extraordinary masterpiece captures the essence of nature's awe-inspiring display. Crafted from radiant 18K white gold, the "Sky's Symphony" Earring is an emblem of boldness and elegance, echoing the captivating spectacle of a lightning bolt in a stormy sky.

At its heart, a brilliant blue sapphire evokes the vastness of the sky and the deep hues of a thunderstorm, symbolizing wisdom and intuition. Encircling the sapphire, a dazzling ensemble of 2.80 carats of diamonds sparkles with the brilliance of a lightning flash, mirroring the mesmerizing contrast between light and dark during a thunderstorm. The earrings' weight of 9.31 grams signifies the substantial presence of this thunderous marvel.

Sky's Symphony Saphire & Diamond Earring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Blue Saphire Diamond Earring
  • 9.31grams Gold Weight
  • 2.80 Carat Gold Weight 

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