Radiant Elegance | 18K Yellow Gold | Diamond & Pearl Necklace | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 56,000.00

"Radiant Elegance" Necklace – Inspired by the timeless allure of pearls and diamonds, the "Radiant Elegance" Necklace exudes sophistication and grace. Crafted from exquisite 18K yellow gold, this necklace showcases a design that marries the classic beauty of pearls with the brilliance of diamonds.

With a weight of 44.50 grams, the necklace drapes around your neck, symbolizing the weight of exquisite craftsmanship and refined taste. The 2.83 carats of dazzling diamonds add a touch of brilliance, mirroring the sparkle of stars in the night sky.

Wear the "Radiant Elegance" Necklace with pride and let it be a symbol of your own refined taste and timeless beauty. Embrace the elegance of pearls, which represent purity and wisdom, and the brilliance of diamonds, which symbolize strength and endurance. Just as pearls and diamonds create a stunning partnership, may you exude sophistication and poise, leaving a trail of admiration and inspiration in your wake. Embrace the elegance and radiance of the "Radiant Elegance" and watch as it captures hearts and imaginations with its captivating charm.

Radiant Elegance Diamond & Pearl Necklace Details:

  • 18K Yellow Gold Pearl & Diamond necklace
  • 44.50grams Gold Weight
  • 2.83 Carat Diamonds

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