Legacy Enchantment | 18K Yellow Gold | Rose Gold Thread | Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 5,600.00

Introducing the "Legacy Enchantment Earring," a fusion of elegance and sentiment that captures the essence of cherished bonds and the timeless beauty of heirloom jewelry. Crafted from 18K yellow gold, this heart-shaped masterpiece resonates with the spirit of passing down treasures through generations.

Weighing 11.657 grams, the earring is a testament to the substantial weight of tradition and love that bridges the past, present, and future. The heart shape, a symbol of affection and connection, is adorned with a captivating peach-shaped stone that dangles delicately at the bottom, signifying the sweetness of shared moments and the promise of generations to come.

The heart, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, embodies the sentiment that love and memories are etched into the very fabric of our existence, passing from one generation to another. The peach-shaped stone, with its subtle allure, represents the fleeting yet precious nature of life, echoing the sentiment that time is both fleeting and precious.

The "Legacy Enchantment Earring" is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's an embodiment of values, stories, and love that transcend time. At VSK, the belief in crafting jewelry to be passed down through generations resonates through this creation. The earring becomes a bridge between the past and the future, a tangible link that carries the essence of those who came before and those who will follow.

Legacy Enchantment Earring Details:

  • 18K Yellow Gold Heart shaped Semi Precious Stone Earring 
  • Rose Gold Thread 
  • 11.657 grams Gold Weight 

At VSK we believe in crafting jewelry that can be passed on with every generation.

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