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Dhs. 3,400.00

"Illuminating Radiance" Earring – Inspired by the brilliance of light and the captivating allure of diamonds, the "Illuminating Radiance" Earring exudes elegance and luminosity. Crafted from exquisite 18K white gold, this earring showcases a design that captures the essence of radiant illumination.

With a weight of 4.23 grams, the earring delicately adorns your ear, symbolizing the lightness and grace of a gentle glow. The 0.34 carats of dazzling diamonds add a touch of brilliance, mirroring the sparkle of sunlight reflecting on crystal-clear waters.

Wear the "Illuminating Radiance" Earring with pride and let it be a symbol of your own inner glow and beauty. Embrace the symbolism of illumination, representing enlightenment and clarity, and the timeless allure of diamonds. Just as light brightens the world around us, may you radiate with your own luminosity and leave a trail of admiration and inspiration in your wake. Embrace the elegance and luminosity of the "Illuminating Radiance" and watch as it captures hearts and minds with its captivating charm.

18K gold ring embedded with diamonds, exemplifies pure elegance and luxury. It showcases individually matched diamonds set in a bed of 18-karat gold, flawlessly capturing light and emitting a brighter, larger appearance as diamonds take center stage in this collection.

 Illuminating Radiance Diamond Ring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Ring.
  • 4.23grams Gold Weight  
  • 0.34 Carats Diamonds 

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