Golden Sunbeam Elegance | 18K Yellow Gold | Diamond Necklace | High-end Jewelry

Dhs. 6,800.00

The Golden Sunbeam Elegance, a marvel in 18K yellow gold jewelry, is a testament to the brilliance of craftsmanship and the allure of radiant design. The choker and necklace duo, weighing a total of 6.27 grams, captures the essence of a sunlit glow with its captivating yellow color stone. Weighing in at 1.76 carats, the stone is the focal point of this exquisite piece, exuding a warm and inviting energy reminiscent of the sun's golden rays. The careful arrangement of 0.66 carats of diamonds around the yellow stone enhances its brilliance, creating a harmonious dance of light that adds a touch of celestial charm to the entire ensemble.

The design of the Golden Sunbeam Elegance draws inspiration from the natural beauty of sunlight, with the necklace resembling golden rays gracefully cascading around the neck. The choker element adds a modern and sophisticated touch, making it a versatile accessory that can elevate both casual and formal ensembles. The choice of 18K yellow gold not only complements the radiant yellow stone but also adds a luxurious and timeless quality to the piece, ensuring it stands out as a statement of refined elegance.

Golden Sunbeam Elegance Diamond Necklace Details :-

  • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Color Stone Necklace
  • 6.27grams Gold Weight
  • 0.66 Carats of Diamonds
  • 1.76 Carats Color Stone Weight  

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