Glowing Star | 18K White Gold | Diamond Pendant | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 3,600.00

Inspired by Celestial Radiance Pendant "Glowing Star"

Step into the realm of celestial wonder with the Celestial Radiance Pendant, aptly named "Glowing Star." Crafted from 18K white and yellow gold and adorned with diamonds, this pendant captures the enchanting allure of stars that light up the night sky.

With a weight of 2.37 grams, the pendant holds a delicate presence, much like the gentle glow of distant stars. The 0.448 carats of diamonds mirror the brilliance of cosmic wonders that illuminate the darkness.

Wearing the Celestial Radiance Pendant, titled "Glowing Star," is akin to carrying a piece of the universe's magic with you. Just as stars guide us through the night, this pendant embodies the energy of guidance and inspiration.

Let this pendant be a reminder of your own inner light and your ability to shine brightly. Wear it as an emblem of the brilliance that you bring to the world and let it inspire you to navigate life's journey with the same steadfast radiance as the stars above.

Glowing Star Diamond Pendant Details:

  • 18K White/Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant
  • 2.37grams Gold Weight
  • 0.448 Carats Diamonds

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