Eternal Orbit | 18K White Gold | Diamond Bracelet | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 51,200.00

Inspired by Eternal Orbit Diamond Bracelet "Celestial Circlet"

Step into the embrace of celestial elegance with the Eternal Orbit Diamond Bracelet, elegantly named "Celestial Circlet." Crafted from 18K white gold, this bracelet captures the eternal dance of celestial bodies, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things in the universe.

With a weight of 12.84 grams, the bracelet's design echoes the harmonious alignment of planets and stars. The 6.9 carats of round-cut diamonds are like dazzling constellations, each meticulously placed to create a seamless and captivating vision.

Wearing the Eternal Orbit Diamond Bracelet, aptly titled "Celestial Circlet," invites you to experience the unity of all things. Just as the planets follow their orbits, you too find your path within the larger cosmic dance of life.

Let this bracelet be a reminder of the profound interplay of connections, and how each moment is an opportunity to be in harmony with the universe. Wear it as a tribute to your place within the grand design and let it inspire you to move through life with grace and purpose, much like the celestial bodies that traverse the skies.

Eternal Orbit Diamond Bracelet Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • 12.84Grams Gold Weight 
  • 6.9 Carat Diamonds

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