EBALL | 18K White Gold | Diamond Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 14,600.00

EBALL" Earring – Inspired by the brilliance of the sun's golden rays, the "EBall" Diamond Earring exudes an aura of timeless beauty and elegance. Crafted from enchanting 18K White gold, this masterpiece captures the allure of a radiant sunbeam, illuminating the world with its captivating charm.

With a weight of 12.73 grams, the earring gracefully adorns your ear, like a glimmering sun dancing in the sky. The dazzling ensemble of 2.34 carats of diamonds sparkles with the intensity of sunlight, reflecting the radiant energy that fills our lives.

Wear the "EBALL" Earring with pride and embrace the inner strength and warmth that lies within you. Just as the sun brings life and light to the world, may you bring joy and positivity to those around you. Let this earring be a symbol of your radiant spirit, shining brightly and lighting up even the darkest moments. Embrace the elegance and brilliance of the "EBALL" and watch as it captivates hearts and illuminates your path with its celestial charm.

EBALL Diamond Earring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Earring 
  • 12.73grams Gold Weight 
  • 2.34 Carats Diamond

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