Coco Breeze | 18K White Gold | Coco Leaf Inspire | Diamond Pendant | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 8,000.00

Inspired by Tropical Elegance Pendant "Coco Breeze"

Embrace the tropical allure of paradise with the Tropical Elegance Pendant, beautifully named "Coco Breeze." Crafted from 18K white gold and adorned with diamonds, this pendant captures the essence of a swaying coconut tree leaf, a symbol of leisure and natural beauty.

With a weight of 7.28 grams, the pendant carries a substantial presence, much like the comforting shade of a coconut tree. The 0.34 carats of diamonds mirror the glimmers of sunlight that filter through the lush foliage.

Wearing the Tropical Elegance Pendant, titled "Coco Breeze," is akin to carrying a piece of paradise wherever you go. Just as coconut tree leaves symbolize relaxation and tranquility, this pendant embodies the calm and serene energy of a tropical oasis.

Let this pendant be a reminder to slow down and savor life's simple pleasures. Wear it as an emblem of your connection to nature's beauty and let it inspire you to embrace the tranquility and leisure that can be found in each moment, even in the midst of a bustling world.

Coco Breeze Diamond Pendant Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond pendant
  • 7.28grams Gold Weight
  • 0.34 Carats Diamonds

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