B3CROSS | 18K White & Yellow & Rose Gold | Diamond Tricolor Bracelet | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 22,800.00

Embrace the trinity of elegance, unity, and strength with the Tri-Gold Radiance Diamond Bracelet, aptly named "B3Cross." Crafted from the harmonious blend of 18K white and yellow gold and rose gold, this bracelet signifies the interconnectedness of diverse elements, much like the bonds that shape our lives.

With a substantial weight of 16.82 grams, the bracelet resonates with the significance of your own journey. The 2.186 carats of meticulously placed diamonds capture light and admiration, embodying the brilliance that emerges from unity and collaboration.

Wearing the Tri-Gold Radiance Diamond Bracelet, titled "B3Cross," is a reminder of your ability to weave different aspects of life into a harmonious whole. Just as the bracelet's tricolor gold merges seamlessly, so do the chapters and experiences that shape your story.

Let this bracelet be a constant symbol of your strength, unity, and elegance. Wear it as a representation of your journey's chapters, and let it inspire you to embrace the diversity around you while forging your own path forward.

B3CROSS Diamond Tricolor Bracelet Details:

  • 18K White & Yellow & Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • 17.02grams Gold Weight
  • 2.135Carats Diamond

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