Azure Majesty Solitaire | 18K White & Yellow Gold | Diamond & Saphire Ring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 6,400.00

Inspired by the Azure Majesty Solitaire Ring

The Azure Majesty Solitaire Ring draws its inspiration from the serene expanse of the sky and the vibrant allure of precious gemstones. Crafted from 18K white and yellow gold, this ring showcases a square-cut blue stone, reminiscent of the tranquil blue sky, held securely within a bed of yellow gold. With a gold weight of 7.08 grams and 0.90 carats of diamonds, this ring embodies the harmonious fusion of regal elegance and natural beauty.

The square-cut blue stone takes center stage in the Azure Majesty Solitaire Ring, capturing the captivating essence of clear blue waters under the open sky. Surrounding the stone are dazzling diamonds that accentuate its brilliance, evoking the sparkle of stars against a deep blue night.

The design of the Azure Majesty Solitaire Ring celebrates the profound impact of contrasting elements, embodying the harmonious blend of luxury and the soothing essence of the natural world.

Azure Majesty Solitaire Diamond & Saphire Ring Details:

  • 18K White & Yellow Gold Diamond & Blue Stone Ring
  • 7.08grams Gold Weight 
  • 0.90 Carats Diamonds 

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