The Lingua |18K White Gold | Split | Diamond Ring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 8,000.00

Inspired by Serpent's Whispers: The Lingua Diamond Ring

The Lingua Diamond Ring draws its inspiration from the enchanting curves of a snake's tongue, embodying the mystique and allure of this serpentine creature. This ring captures the essence of whispered secrets and the captivating elegance of a snake's movement.

Crafted from 18K white gold, the ring's design echoes the sensuous lines of a snake's tongue, with a unique and captivating curvature. Along this mesmerizing curve are diamonds totaling 0.78 carats, glimmering like the secrets whispered in the hushed moments of night.

Weighing 2.98 grams, the ring marries delicate charm with a hint of daring. The use of high-quality materials ensures a piece that reflects both the mystique of the serpent's allure and the timeless elegance of fine jewelry.

The Lingua Diamond Ring invites you to embrace the intrigue and fascination that dance through life, reminding you to find beauty in unexpected inspirations. Wear it as a symbol of your own enigmatic allure and the intriguing stories that your journey through life unveils.

The Lingua Diamond Ring Details:
  • 18K White Gold Diamond Ring
  • Split Ring
  • 2.98grams Gold Weight
  • 0.78 Carats Diamonds

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