Spiral Eternal Radiance | 18K White Gold | Diamond Bracelet | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 45,600.00

The "Spiral Eternal Radiance Diamond Bracelet" is a true masterpiece inspired by the concept of timeless beauty. Crafted in exquisite 18K White Gold, this bracelet is designed to captivate and adorn your wrist with elegance and sophistication.

At its heart, the bracelet features stunning pear-cut diamonds, totaling 3.02 carats. These pear-cut diamonds are known for their unique and elegant shape, which resembles a teardrop, and they are celebrated for their dazzling brilliance and fire. These diamonds are meticulously set to maximize their sparkle and radiance, ensuring that they catch and reflect light beautifully.

The bracelet doesn't just stop at its breathtaking diamonds; it also boasts a substantial 13.80 grams of 18K White Gold, adding to its opulence and durability. This combination of exceptional diamonds and precious metal makes the "Spiral Eternal Radiance Diamond Bracelet" a symbol of timeless beauty and enduring luxury. Whether worn on special occasions or as an everyday statement piece, this bracelet is designed to make you feel radiant and cherished every time you wear it.

Spiral Eternal Radiance Diamond Bracelet Details: 
  • 18K White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • 13.80grams Gold Weight
  • 3.02 Carat Diamonds 

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