Scarlet Serenade | 18K White Gold | Ruby & Diamond Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 4,800.00

"Scarlet Serenade" Earring – Inspired by the enchanting melodies of passion and romance, this captivating masterpiece features a lustrous ruby at its heart, embraced by a dazzling symphony of diamonds, like stars illuminating a velvety night sky. Crafted from the finest 18K white gold, the "Scarlet Serenade" Earring exudes an aura of timeless elegance and mesmerizing allure.

At the center of the earring, a magnificent ruby exudes a deep, passionate red, symbolizing love and inner fire. The surrounding 0.54 carats of diamonds dance and sparkle, mirroring the twinkle of stars on a moonlit night, adding an ethereal touch to this captivating creation. With a graceful weight of 3.960 grams, these earrings embody grace and sophistication.

Scarlet Serenade Ruby & Diamond Earring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond & Ruby Earring.
  • 0.54 Carats Diamond 
  • 3.960grams Gold Weight

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