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Dhs. 5,600.00

Inspired by Stellar Fusion: The Rigel Constellation Diamond Ring

The Rigel Constellation Diamond Ring draws its inspiration from the celestial harmony of stars and the captivating allure of various diamond cuts. This ring celebrates the fusion of unique elements, much like the constellations that grace the night sky.

Crafted from 18K white gold, the ring's design mirrors the graceful arrangement of stars in a constellation, with a seamless blend of pear-shaped and round-cut diamonds. Each diamond represents a luminous point in the cosmos, evoking the sparkling brilliance that adorns the night. Adorning the ring are diamonds totaling 0.98 carats, capturing the radiant light that emanates from the heavens.

Weighing 5.38 grams, the ring artfully marries substance with elegance. The use of high-quality materials ensures a piece that captures both the captivating allure of diamonds and the enduring charm of celestial beauty.

The Rigel Constellation Diamond Ring invites you to embrace the harmonious fusion of diverse elements, reminding you of the interconnectedness that threads through the universe and your own experiences. Wear it as a symbol of the unique brilliance that resides within you and the celestial magic that graces our world, just as diamonds twinkle with their own radiant presence.

Rigel Constellation Diamond Ring Details:

  • 18 K White Gold Diamond Ring
  • 5.38grams Gold Weight
  • 0.98 Carats Diamonds 

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