Infinite Glamour | 18K White Gold | Diamond Necklace | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 71,800.00
"Infinite Glamour: Introducing the Celestial Cascade Necklace, a masterpiece inspired by the cosmos. Crafted meticulously from 18K white gold, this opulent diamond necklace weighs 39.52 grams, draping elegantly around your neck. Adorned with a breathtaking array of 10.39 carat diamonds, it mirrors the stars in a midnight sky, capturing the allure of the universe's grandeur. Wear this celestial treasure and let your inner radiance shine as brightly as the galaxies above."
Infinite Glamour Diamond Necklace Details:
  • 18K White Gold Diamond Necklace
  • 39.52grams Gold Weight
  • 10.39 Carat Diamonds

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