Illusion | 18K White Gold | Diamond Bracelet | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 23,800.00

Step into the realm of enchantment with the Ethereal Mirage Diamond Bracelet, gracefully named "Illusion." Crafted from 18K white gold, this bracelet captures the delicate dance of light and shadow, reminiscent of fleeting illusions that captivate the senses.

With a weight of 16.15 grams, the bracelet carries a substantial presence, mirroring the significance of your journey. The 4.63 carats of diamonds are intricately placed, weaving a tapestry of brilliance that seems to transcend reality.

Wearing the Ethereal Mirage Diamond Bracelet, titled "Illusion," invites you to embrace the beauty in the ephemeral. Just as illusions evoke wonder and curiosity, this bracelet invites admiration and reflection.

Let this bracelet be a reminder of the transient beauty that graces your life. Wear it as a tribute to the moments that leave you breathless, and let it inspire you to cherish the magic found in the everyday, as well as the extraordinary.

Illusion Diamond Bracelet Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • 16.15grams Gold Weight
  • 4.63 Carats Diamonds

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