Eternal | 18K White Gold | Diamond Earring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 15,600.00

Inspired by the everlasting beauty of diamonds and their timeless allure, the "Eternal " Earring is a masterpiece that celebrates the brilliance of a round-cut diamond at its heart. Crafted from exquisite 18K white gold, this earring exudes an aura of sophistication and elegance.

With a weight of 2.54 grams, the earring delicately graces your ear, showcasing the beauty of simplicity and refinement. The surrounding small diamonds, totaling 1.16 carats, form a radiant halo that enhances the central diamond's sparkle, like the stars illuminating the night sky.

Wear the "Eternal " Earring with pride, and let it be a symbol of your timeless charm and inner brilliance. Embrace the eternal nature of diamonds, which endure through generations and symbolize everlasting love. Just as a diamond reflects and refracts light, may you shine with your own unique brilliance, illuminating the world with your grace and charm. Embrace the elegance and beauty of the "Eternal " and watch as its mesmerizing sparkle captures hearts and minds with its eternal allure.

Eternal Diamond Earring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Earring
  • 2.54grams Gold Weight 
  • 1.16 Carats Diamonds

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