Celestial | 18K White Gold | Pearl & Blue Saphire Ring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 11,200.00

Inspired by Celestial Lagoon Pearl and Sapphire Ring

Dive into the ethereal beauty of the Celestial Lagoon Pearl and Sapphire Ring, a creation that draws its inspiration from the tranquil mysteries of the night sky meeting the shimmering waters. Crafted from 18K white gold, this ring captures the essence of a dreamy lagoon under a starlit sky.

Weighing 8.647 grams, every element of this ring is designed to evoke the sensation of gazing at the serene expanse of a lagoon. The centerpiece is a lustrous pearl, symbolizing purity and the treasures hidden beneath the surface. The 0.67 carat sapphire adds a celestial touch, representing the endless possibilities that exist beyond the horizon.

Wearing the Celestial Lagoon Pearl and Sapphire Ring allows you to carry a piece of the universe's splendor with you. As you admire the pearl and sapphire, you're reminded of the harmony that can be found in the coexistence of different elements – just like the union of the night sky and the waters.

Let this ring be a constant reminder of the vast beauty that exists both above and below, and your ability to find peace and inspiration in the simplest of moments. Wear it as a tribute to the mysterious allure of the cosmos and the serenity of water's embrace.

Celestial Pearl & Blue Saphire Ring Details:

  • 18K White Gold Diamond Ring
  • 8.647grams Gold Weight 
  • 0.67Carat Saphire

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