Celestial Cascade | 18K Yellow Gold | Diamond Rings | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 7,400.00

"Captivated by the Celestial Cascade Ring"

The Celestial Cascade Ring is a testament to the enchanting allure of falling stars and the mesmerizing dance of galaxies across the universe. Inspired by these cosmic wonders, this ring is crafted from 18K gold, encapsulating the ethereal beauty of celestial phenomena, and adorned with the brilliance of diamonds. Weighing 9.46 grams, the ring embodies the grandeur of the cosmos.

A constellation of diamonds, totaling 1.13 carats, is meticulously choreographed on the Celestial Cascade Ring, forming a resplendent arrangement that mirrors the twinkling splendor of stars in the night sky. The gold setting serves as a celestial canvas, accentuating the radiance of each diamond and evoking the eternal luminosity of the universe.

The design of the Celestial Cascade Ring pays homage to the graceful motions and timeless fascination inherent in the cosmos. The arrangement of diamonds captures a dynamic energy, reflecting the ever-changing patterns of the universe in a piece that elegantly celebrates the celestial symphony of beauty and motion.

Celestial Cascade Diamond Rings Details:

  • 18K Gold Diamond Ring
  • 9.46grams Gold Weight
  • 1.13 Carats Diamonds 

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