BLinks | 18K Gold | Spiral Shape | Diamond Bangle | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 13,600.00

"Introducing the captivating 'Blinks' Diamond Bangle, a radiant fusion of elegance and brilliance that leaves a trail of sparkling enchantment wherever it goes. Crafted with utmost artistry and passion, this masterpiece is a celebration of everlasting beauty and timeless charm.

Choose your essence of allure with the option of 18K White, Rose, or Yellow Gold. Each variation exudes its own unique character, representing the different facets of your personality. Whether you're drawn to the ethereal charm of White Gold, the romantic warmth of Rose Gold, or the classic elegance of Yellow Gold, 'Blinks' embraces your individuality with grace.

BLinks Diamond Bangle Details:

  • 18K White/ Rose/ Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle.
  • 14.02grams Gold Weight
  • 1.803 Carats Diamonds 

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