Amethyst Bloom | 18K Yellow Gold | Diamond Ring | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 7,200.00

Inspired by the Regal Amethyst Bloom Ring

The Regal Amethyst Bloom Ring draws its inspiration from the opulent beauty of regal gardens and the enchanting allure of amethyst gemstones. Crafted from 18K yellow gold, this ring is a masterpiece that captures the elegance of both diamonds and the rich purple hue of the amethyst. With a gold weight of 5.95 grams, this ring embodies the magnificence of nature's treasures.

The centerpiece of the Regal Amethyst Bloom Ring is a stunning amethyst gemstone, reminiscent of the majestic flowers found in royal gardens. The amethyst is embraced by the warm embrace of yellow gold, enhancing the gemstone's regal aura. Surrounding the amethyst are sparkling diamonds, totaling 0.55 carats, that mirror the dazzling dewdrops that grace petals in the morning light.

The design of the Regal Amethyst Bloom Ring is a celebration of the splendor found in nature's most elegant creations. The carefully placed diamonds create an effect that captures the essence of petals and the brilliance of sunlight dancing on dew-kissed flowers.

Amethyst Bloom Diamond Ring Details:

  • 18K Yellow Gold Diamond & Ruby ring
  • 5.95grams Gold Weight
  • 0.55 Carats Diamonds

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