2DCUFF | Diamond Bracelet | 18K Gold | Womens Jewelry

Dhs. 24,800.00

Elevate your style with the Dual Radiance Diamond Bracelet, aptly named "2DCUFF." Crafted from the harmonious blend of 18K white and yellow gold, this bracelet celebrates the union of contrasting elements that create a dazzling harmony.

With a weight of 17.06 grams, the bracelet signifies both substance and grace, reflecting the balance you seek in life. The 2.130 carats of meticulously placed diamonds are a testimony to the beauty that emerges from the unity of diversity.

Wearing the Dual Radiance Diamond Bracelet, titled "2DCUFF," is like adorning yourself with the elegance of duality. Just as the bracelet's dual tones merge seamlessly, so do the various aspects of your life, creating a unique and captivating whole.

Let this bracelet be a reminder of your power to find beauty in diversity and create a harmonious existence. Wear it as a tribute to the dynamic facets of your personality and let it inspire you to embrace the contrasts that shape your journey with grace and confidence.


2DCUFF Diamond Bracelet Details:

  • 18K White & Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelet
  • 17.06grams Gold Weight
  • 2.130 Carat Diamonds

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